Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Believing Brings Gold Trophies (Inspired from d book THE SECRET)

This story is not a huge inspiration or anything, but it shows The Secret can work for even the small things that you desire.

It was about a year ago in August, September was coming around, and soccer registrations would no longer be accepted if they weren't turned in soon. Every year since I've played soccer my single parent mom has been struggling to keep my two sisters and me in soccer each year. This year my mom told me she didn't think she could come up with the money in time. I was devastated, though my sisters didn't seem to mind because they were getting older and couldn't really be bothered with playing anyway. This happened last year, and I finally signed up so late I didn't make the team with all my other friends I usually played with.

I had watched The Secret a couple of times and read the book as soon as I could get my hands on it. So I stopped thinking that I wouldn't be playing soccer, and instead I would go for runs every other day and just picture myself running on the field with a ball at my feet. Thinking and visualizing the game, having the feeling of adrenaline rush, of the whistle at the starting of a game, or the feeling of accomplishment scoring a goal. I would practice in the driveway after school - even in the evenings I would be outside kicking the ball against the wall.

One day my mom called me downstairs. She told me that my coach from last year noticed I didn't sign up yet. My mom had explained to her what our situation was, and my coach was upset and said she would see if she could do something about it and she'd call back sometime that week. Then I got another call - it was her saying she got me on the team and not to worry about the money!!! Wow, I was so happy - it worked! I believed and I received.

And that year my team won first in the league with a big gold trophy cup to prove it!

I am so thankful. I also got brand new cleats just yesterday! I am playing this year and on my regular team. We are also once again first in the league right now and planning to be at championships. Wish us luck!

By Riley from British Columbia, Canada


  1. Nice... Even I've read the Secret & it's really a very nice book